Proxies on Trial

2020 | Court performance
Complex systems like stock markets and multinational companies have become so hard to grasp, it is almost as if they act as autonomous entities beyond our human control. Would using an object as a placeholder help get a better grip on these abstract topics and add a fresh perspective in the discussion, too? 

Because we humans enjoy having something concrete to blame for what plagues us, like in the Middle Ages when the church could „sue“ all grasshoppers for causing a bad harvest or “ban” rats from church. Today we don’t know where to address our frustration with abstract crises such as the precarisation of labour and end up blaming i.e. innocent minorities.
‘Proxies on Trial’ is an interactive court performance where Globalisation is accused of consuming the future. Through questions appearing on their phones, the audience joins in as the Grand Jury, who will ultimately weigh the debts of Globalization and ponder over responsibilities. What will Globalization say to defend itself? What did the tie witness in the financial market? And what does an organic pumpkin have to say about nationalist ideas? The result is a fictional debate about real problems, challenging the place of humans in a world full of autonomous, more-than-human actors.

Proxies on Trial was supported by Stimuleringsfonds creatieve industrie.