Tidal Space

2021 | Home Office Concept
Putting the manifold needs of caring home workers front and centre,
Tidal Space experiments with curtains as spatial moderators that mediate between different modes of labour. Triggered by screen activity, the curtains fluidly adjust themselves to various situations from soundproof separation for focused work, to more translucent and flexibly open soft facades (allowing to check on the children), over to interactive elements for kids and parents to play with. 

During the pandemic-induced lockdowns it has become clear that both care work and wage work are inseparable in the context of the home office – as many were forced to juggle between various roles and expectations while caring and working from home. Tidal Space is a design collaboration between Hyunjung Kim and studio Cream on Chrome that combines their common interest in phygital interfaces along with Hyunjung’s experience as a working parent.

This project was made possible by the Dutch Design Foundation and Seoul Design House in celebration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between South Korea and the Netherlands. Three Korean and three Dutch designers were challenged to work on the subject “Living and working from home“. The designers formed teams, matching a Dutch and a South Korean design studio.