2021 | Research tool (ongoing)
Newsslider is a tool for journalists and researchers to smartly navigate archive material in order to arrive at new cultural-historic insights. How did the associations and tone of reporting about global warming change over time and what can we learn from it? As a smart interface Newsslider identifies and allows to compare content, wording and sentiments between related key events, ie. climate conferences of the last 50 years. Besides its use as a professional research tool, Newsslider will also be able to offer media outlets custom-generated interactive graphics based on their own archive to include in online articles. Adding historic context to complex recurring topics will largely benefit news readers, as Newsslider directly gathers and anchors daily reports into a comprehensive interactive image – turning news consumers into news explorers instead.

Newsslider is a collaboration between The Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision, IDfuse, Cream on Chrome and Fontys Readership of Journalism & Innovation and supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.