Living Infrastructure

2017 | Performative presentation
Living Infrastructure is a semi-speculative vision that empathises the human role today in facilitating interspecies collaborations. By visualizing research and showing first steps and experiments, this project encourages humans to work towards alternative technologies that are fit for an era beyond the human-centric mindset that helped shape the anthropocene.



Mycorrhizal networks are mutually beneficial symbioses between plant roots and certain types of fungi – forming a complex communication infrastructure for the exchange of both information and nutrients. Living Infrastructure proposes to merge our electricity and internet infrastructure underground with existing mycorrhizal networks to form a new symbiosis – to turn our inanimate cable infrastructure into a technically-augmented living organism that can grow, evolve and maintain itself. Instead of keeping ourselves busy with old modernist utopias like the ‘smart city’, can we envision different modalities of living together with our surrounding ecologies?


This project was initiated during Martina Huynh’s study at the Design Academy Eindhoven in consultation with mycologists and researchers at Utrecht University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Living Infrastructure has since been presented among others at ThingsCon IoT Conference (NL) and Un/Green Open Fields Conference (LV)