Greenbox Barista

2020 | Machine How do you like your coffee to be made? With Greenbox Barista Cream on Chrome tentatively calls upon the tactile joys in user experience again. Brewing coffee with the machine involves people in every step of the process, which the machine is glad to help with. This includes both manual actions from Greenbox Barista

4-D News

2019 | Newsroom installation 4-D News consists of two interactive news formats that put recent media spectacles in a broader context. Navigating the timeline with a physical arrow reveals how quickly the style of reporting and the meanings of events have changed in only a few years. Here, news consumers become news explorers instead. What 4-D News

Basic Income Café

2019 | Café Installation In this interactive installation, visitors are able to experience two different basic income economies, whereby coffee is used to visualise the cash flow. One system provides a basis that is sufficient to meet all basic needs, the other provides a helping hand and assumes there is extra income to achieve a Basic Income Café

Sensory Washi

2019 | Conductive material The ongoing project Sensory Washi envisions new technological aesthetics based on traditional crafts and local knowledge. In the prefecture of Shimane, the art of handmade Sekishu Washi has been maintained and passed on within family run workshops for more than 1.500 years. Sekishu Washi made from locally grown kozo (mulberry bark) Sensory Washi

Proxies on Trial

2020 | Court performance Proxies on Trial is an interactive court performance where Globalisation is accused of consuming the future. Through questions appearing on their phones, the audience joins in as the Grand Jury, who will ultimately weigh the debts of Globalization and ponder over its responsibilities. What will Globalization say to defend itself? Complex Proxies on Trial


2021 | Research tool Newsslider is a tool for journalists and researchers to smartly navigate archive material in order to arrive at new cultural-historic insights. How did the associations and tone of reporting about global warming change over time and what can we learn from it? As a smart interface Newsslider identifies and allows to Newsslider

Within Touching Distance

2018 | Spatial installation In the installation ‘Within Touching Distance’, visitors are cared for by a set of animate curtains, each with their own characteristics: One whizzes past upon entrance, showing the way forward with its petrol blue strings following your every step. Another one, wall-sized and ponderous, envelopes you as you sit on a Within Touching Distance

Living Infrastructure

2017 | Performative presentation Living Infrastructure is a semi-speculative vision that empathises the human role today in facilitating interspecies collaborations. By visualizing research and showing first steps and experiments, this project encourages humans to work towards alternative technologies that are fit for an era beyond the human-centric mindset that helped shape the anthropocene.     Living Infrastructure

Augmented Mundanity OS

2018 | Physical interfaces Set up as an interactive installation, the Augmented Mundanity OS offers an alternative approach to common digital interfaces by allowing the citizen-user to directly take action on digital processes i.e, clearing one’s cache and cookies when wiping the screen with a cloth, switching to TOR browser for anonymous web browsing as Augmented Mundanity OS