Proxies on Trial

Complex systems such as stock markets and multinational corporations arise from invisible (partly non-human) collective authorship, but act as autonomous entities. Would temporarily using a proxy as placeholder help stimulate public discourse around an ungraspable topic, and add a fresh perspective?

Because we enjoy having something concrete to blame, like in the Middle Ages when the church could „sue“ and „ban“ all grasshoppers for causing a bad harvest. Today we don’t know where to address our frustration with abstract crises such as the precarisation of labour and end up blaming i.e. innocent minorities, because we need scapegoats we can see. Inspired by two court cases of pigs being hung „before the eyes of its own kind“ in 1408 France for questionable crimes , ‘Proxies on Trial’ is a court case performance in which objects are presented as suspects in a lawsuit that challenges the complex cause and effect of globalisation. What would e.g. a computer server say to defend itself as the voice of global communication networks? How did common resources like water experience its privatization and intercontinental market distribution in bottled up form? What did cargo containers or migrating birds witness? The result is a fictional debate about real problems, questioning the place of humans in a world full of uncontrollable, more-than-human actors.