4-D News
Lab of Investigative Time Travel

What if we understood history not as a linear story, but as one of versions, loops and profound correlations? Which alternative media formats are required to counterbalance today’s news feeds that only display content in the light of recent events, making the journalistic landscape easy prey to polemical spin?

4-D News practically experiments with media formats that show the development of entire news stories while highlighting subtle changes and recurring patterns over the years. Inspired by cubism, where multiple sides of an object were seen simultaneously, the dynamic interfaces developed by design Studio Cream on Chrome allow to deal with past and presence on the same canvas. The interdisciplinary research comes together in an interactive installation forming a new newsroom: At the “Lab of Investigative Time Travel” visitors can enter the fourth dimension of news reports by using physical objects to trigger events virtually.

This project is supported by Art Museum Z33´s FORMAT program, Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek and Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. This exhibition is supported by Creative Industries NL Partners: Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek, Journalist Stern de Pagter This exhibition is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL and FORMAT program by Art Museum Z33.